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UN declares China to be 2014 Best Country in the World

March 25th, 2014 | by Bob Flanagan
UN declares China to be 2014 Best Country in the World

UN Secretary-general  Ban Ki-moon awarded today on behalf of the 193 member states reunited under the banner of the United Nations Parliamentary Assembly it’s first honorary title to the country judged best of the world in 2014. The award went to the People’s Republic of China which the panel of judges from every country of the world elected to be the best country in most categories such as health, education and the economy.

The booming chinese economy which has an employment of more then 100% has practically taken the world by surprise with it’s efficient managing of it’s billion people population. « In the aftermath of the 2008 crash, China has overcome the recession and given jobs and financial opportunities to all it’s citizens » explained UN’s Secretary-general to it’s members. « With larger and larger populations to manage, it seems that political trends for nations in the next century will tend to go toward communism and socialism instead of capitalist democracies, which economies are in deep decline » he assured.

China is also known for it’s thriving organ harvesting industry which employs more then 2 million people. « There is a revolution of ideas in China. They like to think outside of the box. They are definitely trend setters » explains UN economist, Jack W. Blake.

Prison population has also dramatically  dropped since China has traded it’s prison system for rehabilitation camps. « A prisonner is of no use to society and is very expensive to take care of.  To become useful to society, we must reform him. Through our rehabilitation camps, they learn to work and become a productive force for society » admits a chinese government official, present for the ceremony.

« China is and will always be the greatest country » explained UN’s chinese ambassador Li Baodong, who accepted the award on behalf of his country. « Japan’s economy is going down the toilet, US is being crushed by the economy of the chinese dragon, soon the world will be ours » he exclaimed with dry humor. « All nations of the world tremble before the mighty chinese empire » he concluded.


  1. Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B. says:

    Credit where credit deserves. Every nation has internal problems but at least China does appear to show considerable progress and we need to acknowledge this.

  2. Dr Ka Sing Chua says:

    Congratulations to China
    However China must not be complacent and arrogant in her achievement. Overall the achievement is to be applauded but many of her people still living in under the poverty level. Her wealth needs to be appropriately distributed as 1% of her wealthy population controls too much wealth of the nation and over 250 million people still live in very poor conditions and that is a lot of people. China also has to look after her environment and pollution problems so as to achieve sustainable living for her people in future.

  3. MaliBog says:

    OK. Forget about all the sharks killed to make soup, rinos, elephants and various other endangered animals used for medicines.
    Turtles, snakes, and countless other animals and reptiles killed so these people can eat or make medicines, most to get a hard on and produce millions of more children. Yer great country. Not to mention them yaking over billions of acres of forestland to made one of chop sticks and I could go on forever. Bollock No..!!

  4. Saratha says:

    Congratulations, China. I think China can contribute to World Peace as well if it sends its soldiers to the Middle East and Africa as peace keepers under the United Nations. They would have a calming effect on those who have not placed them on their list as enemies unlike with Americans.

  5. arum says:

    we love you dear bahais.Dont worry God is with you at all time He is watching.The UN must do everything to stop this great cruelty .the whole must arise to stop such inhuman treatment and ruthlessness fast on mankind.God has His way ,one day all tragedies will be solved by Him.But the UN will help us in the meantime

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