Trump Tweets Taco Bell “To make tacos in the U.S. or face big border taxes”


President-elect Donald Trump has threatened Taco Bell, the American-owned chain of fast-food restaurants, with a “big-border tax” if they keep making their tacos in Mexico.

This latest attack on investments by companies in Mexico comes after a series of threats to automakers, such as GM and Toyota, for building cars in Mexico.

” We have never made a single taco in Mexico. All our tacos are made fresh in our American owned restaurants 

– Brian Niccol, CEO

President-elect Donald Trump warned Taco Bell to start making their tacos in America or they could face big border taxes

A big misunderstanding

Brian Niccol, the CEO of the chain of fast-food restaurants based in Irvine, California says the confusion stems from “a big misunderstanding”.

“We don’t outsource any of our ingredients to Mexico being in one of America’s most fertile regions. All of our products mostly come from Florida and California. I have no idea where this story came from. We have a few Taco Bell restaurants in Mexico as well, maybe that’s where the confusion came from,” he told reporters.

The tweet was officially deleted several hours after the claim and no spokesman from the Trump administration were available for comments at the time.

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  1. Well, if Trump thinks a Japanese car company should make their cars in the U.S. instead of Mexico…

  2. Good and so they should

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