Top Iranian Official Warns Obama Could Be a Clone


Tehran | The Minister of Defense of the Islamic Republic of Iran has revealed yesterday that he was in possession of documents containing undeniable proof that United States President Barrack Hussein Obama had taken part in a top secret military cloning facility program.

The Iranian government has long proclaimed that the American president was of non-human origin, but it is the first time it alleges having proof to back up their claims.

“Our secret services have fallen upon critical information about the cloning of American presidents going back 20 years. He is not the first nor is he the last” he told Iranian journalists.

“Obama is not of human origin, he was created by scientists” explained Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan on national television, yesterday.

Although the claim sounds outlandish, it is not the first time Obama has been accused of being of ‘non-human origin’ by top international officials, claims Larry Silver, a political analyst based in New York city.

“North Korea has been saying this for years. More recently, a NASA astronaut has claimed on his deathbed that Obama was the produce of human and extra-terrestrial gene splicing” he explains. “Theories abound about this kind of subject” he adds.

Although the story went practically unnoticed in major western media outlets, the press release created a shockwave in countries of the Arab world. Photos leaked to the Iranian press allegedly show a secret laboratory where the clones are supposedly mass produced.

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  2. Obama is a reincarnated version of Pharoah Akhenaton. They found his mummy preserved in Egypt, used a DNA sample and now have many clones of him. I imagine he’s been killed multiple times, only to be re-cloned.

    His consciousness survives on a microchip in order to operate. They call it the SOUL STONE.

    All of this information primarily comes from DONALD MARSHALL.

    Godspeed ya’ll.

  3. murica killa | July 11, 2015 at 4:11 am | Reply

    Were fucked once north Korea comes and rapes us with nukes

  4. This; I would NOT doubt one bit!

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