Sex toy magnate donates 20,000 dildos to homeless shelters


San Francisco, California | The famous businessman and sex toy magnate, Chad Haroldson, announced that he was giving out thousands of dildos and vibrators to the homeless for Christmas.

Meeting the press this morning, the colorful owner and CEO of CH Toys said he had recently decided to become socially implicated and that he wanted to bring a smile to the most disadvantaged people in California.

“Even if they are homeless, these people deserve to have a sex life,” he told reporters. “Fulfilling people’s sexual needs is what I do best, so that’s what I decided to do for them.”

Mr. Haroldson gave a total of 20,540 sex toys of different models to 114 shelters along the West Coast, for a total value of around $800,000.


Many itinerants, like this man in Seattle, were surprised to receive a free sex toy with their meal, when they visited their local shelters.

More than 8,000 toys have already been distributed, and the others will be given out next weekend.

The distribution has already raised a lot of critics from various sources, including from the people who received the presents.

“Where do they expect me to use that?” said Ray Brooks, a 59-year old homeless man from Seattle. “I’m never alone, except when I take a dump in a public bathroom. It’s not like I’m going to plug this thing in my ass in the McDonald’s men’s room.” 

Some organizations, including the Salvation Army, openly admit that they felt uneasy about Mr Haroldson’s donation, even if they accepted it.

In a brief statement on Twitter, the Salvation Army Haven in Los Angeles stated it would have preferred “one penny in cash for every dollar’s worth of sex toys.”

More than 40 shelters linked to various religious organizations, completely refused to take Mr Haroldson’s donation.

Despite such negative reactions, the magnate says he’s convinced that he’ll “make many people very happy” with his gifts.

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  1. Son of the great whore!!!

  2. Can someone please tell the sex Toy magnate that it would have been appreciated if the dollar value wasted in producing this useless object of sexual gratification be channel to other things that could make life more meaningful and worth living than making them slaves of sex toys for non lasting momentary pleasure. YOU DON’T PUT SMILE ON PEOPLE’S FACE BY HOOKING THEM TO SEX TOYS

  3. What a poetic and very pleasing way to say “Fuck the poor.” I want to see more charitable donations like this!!

  4. Manchelle Obonzo | January 6, 2017 at 8:43 pm | Reply

    Where’s mine???

  5. Did he donate batteries? or are they solar powered?

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