Sex Ed teacher fired for teaching 9-year olds to perform oral sex


An elementary school teacher from Madison in Wisconsin, was fired after she taught a class of 4th graders how to “deepthroat” and simulated oral  sex with a banana.

29-year old Jennifer Morrison was a sexual education teacher at the Sandburg Elementary School, and was fired on Tuesday after numerous complaints from parents.

According to the plaintiffs, Ms Morrison’s teaching methods and the content of her class are both inappropriate 9-year old children.

The president of the Sandburd Elementary Parents Association, Dolores Franklin, says the teacher taught her students how to perform oral sex and simulated it herself.

“My daughter asked me to buy some cucumbers, and said her teacher had told her to practice ‘deepthroating’… I was shocked!”

A few other topics that Ms Morrison discussed with the children have many raised  eyebrows, notably group sex, bestiality and fetishism.

“She’s teaching our kids to explore their sexuality and tells them its normal to take part in orgies and have sex with dogs. That’s totally inappropriate!”

More than 25 complaints concerning Ms. Morrison have been filed since the beginning of the year, and the school board decided to fire the 29-year old sexual education teacher.

Sandburg Elementary School principal, Janet Martinez, refused to comment the case and simply said that Ms. Morrison was laid off for violating the school’s code of conduct.

The content of sexual education classes has been subject to debate for decades in the many states across the U.S., and Ms Morrison isn’t the first teacher to lose her for teaching controversial content.

In 2014, an elementary school teacher from Louisian was fired for telling 5th graders to masturbate as a homework for his class.

In 2012, a middle school teacher lost her job after she stripped naked in front of a class full of 3rd graders.

Despite numerous incidents and controversies, sexual education classes remain part of the program in most schools across the United States.

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  1. ExposeThem511 | April 24, 2017 at 6:12 pm | Reply

    These spirits of carnality are given authority by the deliberate abasing of our culture through the evil persons on earth that hate God. You know who you are. I do too.

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