Schizophrenic Dungeon and Dragons addict attacks excavator with sword


A man dressed in medieval armor and brandishing a sword, attacked an excavator on a demolition site in downtown Los Angeles, believing the machine was a dragon.

37-year old Brian Wallace appeared around 9:30 this morning on the site in the Central City neighborhood.

The schizophrenic man, who’s known to be a roleplaying game fanatic, was wearing a chainmail armor and a helmet and was carrying a long sword and a shield.

He yelled a few incoherent sentences before letting out a battle cry and charging an excavator which was demolishing an abandoned residential building.

The site’s foreman, Gary Lafontaine, rapidly called the police, and asked his employees to evacuate the site.

He says it was useless to try and stop the attacker because he had clearly lost contact with reality.

“He kept calling the excavator “dragon” and telling it to leave the “poor peasant’s house” alone.”

Mr Wallace hit the concrete pulverizer at the end  of the boon more than twenty times with a 4-foot long sword.

“He kept yelling that he was going to cut the dragon’s head.”

After about a minute, he left the pulverizer alone and went for the excavator’s cabin, leading the machine’s operator to jump out and run for his life.

Officers of the LAPD arrived a few minutes and convinced him to drop his weapon and surrender to his arrest.


The demolition workers say they were slightly panicked at first, but relaxed when they realized the attacker was only targeting the excavator.

Brian Wallace was transferred to the Gatways Hospital and Mental Health Center to be treated for his latest crisis.

The 37-year old man has a lifelong history of severe mental illness and has already spent more than four years in various psychiatric institutions.

During his last interment, doctors reported he “lived in his own Dungeon and Dragons universe” and was experiencing “bizarre thoughts, “paranoia” and “delusions.”

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