Satanist gave free abortions to pregnant woman in exchange for sex


San Francisco, CA | A 26-year-old member of the Church of Satan has been arrested after he allegedly performed free abortions on pregnant women in exchange for sex.

Jimmy “Hannibal” O’Brien is believed to have performed over 26 abortions in the past two months after he had put an ad on Craigslist offering his services in exchange for sex.

Surprisingly enough, many women accepted his offer not knowing the practice was, in fact, illegal and dangerous.

“He couldn’t suffice to the demand,” explains a long-time friend, who desired to stay anonymous.

“He boasted that he was getting laid like mad. He also had this sick collection of fetuses in his mother’s basement,” he told the SF Tribune.

Jimmy O'Brien's friend claims that O'Brien boasted that he got "laid like mad" after proposing his illegal abortion services on Craigslist.

Jimmy O’Brien’s friend claims that O’Brien boasted that he got “laid like mad” after proposing his illegal abortion services on Craigslist.

Eating fetuses

One of the young girls on whom he practiced an illegal abortion contacted local authorities after he allegedly “devoured her fetus in front of her” and “masturbated with her placenta.”

“I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t want my parents to know about it” explained the 11-year-old girl to reporters.

“He just dipped a pair of pliers in some alcohol, wiped it off with a bloody rag and inserted it into my vagina, laughing all the time.”

“But when he started chewing on the fetus like he was eating chicken wings, it made me sick to my stomach,” she added in tears.

A model employee

O’Brien is believed to have performed most of his illegal abortions at an abortion clinic where he was working night shifts as a janitor.

Henry Pearson, O’Brien’s employer, says he was completely shocked to learn of his employee’s behavior.

“I knew Jimmy was a bit special, but youth nowadays are all kind of special if you ask me. All I know is that he was shy and kept to himself and did a good job,” he explained when reached on the phone.

“Because of his appearance, I put him on the night shift and he said he didn’t have a problem with cleaning up blood stains,” he added.

Jimmy O’Brien, or “Hannibal” as his friends called him, was also Grand Master Sorcerer at the local Church of Satan according to his close friends.

Department of Health officials warn that anyone involved in performing abortions without proper certification is liable for criminal prosecution and that the procedure is “extremely dangerous and should be done by a professional.”

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