Russian scientist claims bees are dying because ‘they are turning gay’

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Russian biologist Igor Tnystanov has sparked outrage in the LGBT community after claiming that bees were dying off because “they are turning gay”.

The scientific publication Pchelovodstvo first published a resume of the research in 2016 that went virtually unnoticed until the professor was invited to a conference on Colony collapse disorder at the University of Munich this week.

The professor was escorted off the stage by security agents after students started booing him and shouting aggressively at him.

“You’re just jealous because you’re not gay and you wish you were” cried out one of the students, before throwing him his shoe.

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Russian biologist Igor Tynystanov had to flee the conference aided by security agents after a mob of students literally tried to assault him

Homosexuality and honeybees

Professor Igor Tynystanov said in his defense to the Moscow Times that he had nothing against homosexual people but that his research found a high rise in homosexuality in honeybees which he believed is decimating the species.

“Industrial pesticides are filling the environment with pheromones that are messing with the bees endocrine systems,” he explained during the interview.

“These pesticides are possibly affecting the human species as well,” he added, claiming that this may explain the “demographic explosion” of homosexuals in western countries.

LGBT groups ‘furious’

Members of LGBT groups worldwide have decried the biologist’s statement as “homophobic” and labeled it as “alternative facts”.

“Honeybees have every right to be straight, gay, bisexual or transgender and their sexual identity has nothing to do with their ability to harvest honey and even less with their disappearance” claimed a Munich-based LGBT group spokesman.

LGBT groups have been widely critical of Russia’s policies towards gays, where thousands of men have reportedly been detained and tortured, with several killed after being identified as suspected “homosexuals”.

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