Remains of Pixie Specimen Discovered in Ireland


Galway| Construction workers excavating the ground for the site of a new project in western Ireland, made an astonishing discovery: the corpse of a tiny winged humanoid ressembling a fairy or pixie-like creature.

From the look of the site, it seems to have been some sort of Celtic, druidic shrine, dating from the early Neolithic period. Remains of pottery vases and food offerings were discovered, next to some gigantic broken stone monoliths, marked with mysterious inscriptions. One complete skeleton of a tiny winged humanoid, and two or three incomplete ones, laid amongst the offerings.

“It is yet unclear what kind of creature we are dealing with for now, but it is certainly unique” explains Sheamus O’Leary, a biologist at the University of Dublin and member of the research team studying the remains. “Irish litterature and oral history is filled with stories of such wonderful beings, but we had never found physical evidence of one, before. Now that we have one, we can easily see why! The bones are so delicate and fragile. They also seem to be hollow, like those of a bird. It’s amazing!”

A complete set of tests is expected to be performed upon the bones in the following weeks, to determine their authenticity and the true nature of their origin.

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  1. Do people just like…not get that this is a satirical website?

  2. The “pixie was constructed using a small plastic Halloween skeleton cover with floral tape and silk leaves for wings. Every story on here is fake. It’s just for fun.

  3. guylle allen d agaon | March 11, 2014 at 7:38 am | Reply

    Dont know , im a biologist student, and i suggest that because of the technology today we forgotten our history and believe the crap you said that it is not true, because humans, are ” a piece of shit that need to see so that they will believe , Am I right ? also , if there is no paleontologist ? do you suggest that dinosaur and ancient human history is not true and also a piece of crap ?

  4. Another American | March 11, 2014 at 5:28 am | Reply

    It could be a Barbie covered in dog shit

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