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Mermaid Skeleton Discovered in New Zealand

January 28th, 2014 | by Barbara Johnson
Mermaid Skeleton Discovered in New Zealand

Christchurch| A crew of fisherman whose ship ran aground on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island after a storm last week, made an astonishing discovery in the coastal sands: the complete skeleton of what appears to be an aquatic humanoid.

The crew of seven men from Papua New Guinea thought it had discovered the corpse of a human female, probably victim of a crime or an accident, and contacted the New Zealand coast guard, who then themselves asked the help of the federal police. After clearing the remains from the sand, it became obvious that the body was not entirely human.

“We are not exactly certain what we are dealing with at the moment” says Bernard Jenkins, a public relations officer for the New Zealand Police. “We asked for help forensics and anthropological experts from the University of Auckland to help us identify what exactly we are dealing with. I have no more information at the moment.”

The announcement has none the less created a huge wave of excitement in the scientific community, as specialists throughout the world are intrigued by the possibility of the discovery of a very different species of humanoid, that could have adapted to aquatic life.


  1. Olrik says:

    That was Dolly, the harbour prostitute…

  2. Harry R Ray says:

    Is the ABOVE picture the skeleton or just a representation? If this IS a real picture of the discovered body, it looks more like MUMMIFIED REMAINS than a mere skeleton!

  3. Harry R Ray says:

    BACK AGAIN! Did some digging. Think I know what’s going on! A back episode of “Investigation:ruth” deals with the “Ri”(I do not know whether that is pronounced ree or rye),which is a “cousin” of the mermaid,found exclusively in the Papua region of New Guinea. Someone should contact Ms Su of Mr Jenkins to get the NAMES of the 7 fishermen, because, during the above mentioned episode, a Papua fisherman claimed to bave bueried the skeleton of a ri on a beach in Nwe Ireland! if one of the 7 names MATCHES the claimer’s name, THIS IS MY TAKE:The claimer unearthed the skeleton he previously bueried, rebueried it on the New Zealand beach, and waited for a storm to come which he knew would uncover the top part. Why would a fishing vessel from Papua travel over a thousand miles to New Zealand to fish,anyway,AND,from just looking at the UPPER part of the skeleton,how did they know it was female! Sounds fishy(pardon the pun) to me! My guess is they wanted the skeleton to be AUTHENTICIZED by REPUTABLE scientists so that they can claim the ONE MILLION DOLLAR REWARD that the Mayor of Kiryat Yam, Israel has offered for PROOF that mermaids ARE real!

  4. Beachedas says:

    Looks like a chick i work with….from behind anyways haha @kaewa

  5. Kaewa says:

    Oh yeah hahahahaha identitical

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