Man’s Genitals Stolen During Trip To Thailand


Bangkok | What started as a pleasant holiday in Thailand rapidly turned into a nightmarish situation when Josh Brown, a 58-year old American tourist, woke up in excruciating pain to notice his genitals had been removed during his sleep.

The victim was allegedly drugged unwittingly before he woke up hours later in a pool of blood in his hotel room while his genitals had been completely removed, leaving him in critical condition.

Fortunately, the hotel staff were alarmed by the distress calls of the man who was quickly taken to the Bangkok Hospital so he could receive emergency care while the man suffered from severe bleeding that could have cost him his life.


For the past few months, Thai authorities have been struggling against a wave of criminal surgical aggressions against tourists whose genitals are worth top dollars on the Asian black market.

“We are in the presence of a growing trend on the black market for the illegal traffic of human genitals into China” said an officer in charge of operations.

“Large sized genitals can fetch prices in the tens of thousands of dollars for their alleged aphrodisiac qualities when consumed as food,” he says.

The health of the 58-year old man is stable and he should be out of the hospital in a few days.

Thai authorities warn tourists to be very conscious when traveling alone and meeting ‘friendly’ strangers in the streets of Bangkok.

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  1. Ummm… OUCH?

    • Anyone who’ve experienced thru this agony knows best to himself. It’s not that bloody cock that’s exported to China and it is SLANDER to the CHINESE. There’s one thing for sure, the victim have ‘messed-up’ it’s terms with his partner.

    • What the hell does that mean in English?

  2. Woww!! Chinese!!!!

    • umm its thai… not chinese ==

    • maybe his talking about the aphrodisiac thing of the chinese people. eeeew

    • what part of “We are in the presence of a growing trend on the black market for the illegal traffic of human genitals into China” don’t you understand

    • He is right, the Chinese! It is being done in Thailand and sent to China. Read the article before you comment on someone else.

      “We are in the presence of a growing trend on the black market for the illegal traffic of human genitals into China” –

    • China has limit the number of children given birth in every household, why they still need spend money on dicks? Males outnumbered females by a ratio of 2:1..

    • Fuck you China | November 21, 2014 at 1:43 am |

      Yep… Fucking Chin … they eat anything

    • Thais look Chinese anyway.

  3. Terrible … Why would people do that! Karma will get them!

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