Man with Alzheimer’s disease dies after getting 14 flu shots in a day


An 81-year old man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease was found dead in his home yesterday after getting more than a dozen influenza vaccines over an 8 hour period.

Edward Norris, from Newark in New Jersey, was found dead in his bed yesterday morning by his visiting daughter.

The elderly man was known to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease but was otherwise rather healthy, so his sudden demise came as a surprise to his family.

While inspecting his bedroom, his daughter Philis noticed a pile of receipts from various hospitals medical clinics on a bed table.

According to her, the papers indicated that the elderly man had received at least 21 flu shots over a two day period, 14 of them on the same day.

“My father had noted on his calendar that he had to see a doctor and get a vaccine, and his memory was so bad that he probably kept forgetting that he had already done it.” 

The numerous receipts indicate he received a total of 14 vaccines between 8:40 AM and 4:25 PM on the day of he died.

After this information was revealed, an autopsy was ordered by the New Jersey Office of the State Medical Examiner to determine if the vaccines could have caused Mr. Norris’ death.

Mr Norris' daughter, Philis Moore, believe

Edward Norris’ daughter, Philis Moore, told MSNBC that her father often did things repeatedly because he forgot he had already done them

Most health experts claim that the influenza vaccine usually implies a very small risk, but could become dangerous if the same person receives multiple vaccines over a short time period.

In Mr. Norris’ case, the number of shots he received over a 2-day period is more than four times the estimated lethal dose for a man of his age.

Such high dosage of vaccines can cause cardiac and respiratory problems and even brain hemorrhages.

The autopsy should reveal if this is what happened in this particular case, and the results should be available in a few weeks.

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