Man grows a second penis during a clinical trial for a new drug


A 37-year old man from New Jersey is suffering from an extremely discomforting side effect after participating in a clinical study of a new drug designed to prevent hair loss.

Brian Jennings, an unemployed electrician from Newark, grew a second complete set of external sexual organs after ingesting a new drug every day for two months, as part of a clinical trial for the pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer.

Surprisingly, his new organs are fully functional and seem to have grown as an extension of his original reproductive system.

“About a week after I started testing their drug, I noticed a lump next to one of my testicles. When I showed it to the company’s doctor, he told me it was unrelated and asked me to keep going. The lump kept growing and it transformed into a fully grown penis with its own set of balls.”

Mr. Jennings says he was warned that the drug could have some possible side effects, but claims that no one ever told him he could suffer from such a serious mutation.

“They told me that I could feel sleepy or itchy, or that I could experience a loss of libido, but they never said I could suffer from mutations and grow a second dick.”

Brian Jennings says he considers filing a lawsuit against Pfizer to obtain a financial compensation for his suffering.

Unfortunately for him, he signed a legal discharge before the trials in which he legally assumed the risk of suffering from side effects, so his chances of winning in court are pretty slim.


Pfizer executive Sally Susman reacted to Mr Jenning’s accusations this morning during a press conference, saying that there was no proof at the moment that the growth of his second genitalia was caused by the medication.

Clinical trials are an integral part of new product discovery and development and are required by the Food and Drug Administration before a new product can be brought to the market.

Although efforts are made to control risks to clinical trial participants, some risk may be unavoidable because of the uncertainty inherent in clinical research involving new medical products.

It is fairly common for participants in such trials to suffer from various and sometimes very serious side effects, but Mr Jenning’s case is certainly one of the most disturbing to have occurred over recent years.

In 2003, a 59-year old woman’s skin turned green during a clinical trial for an anti-aging drug, and she was finally able to obtain a compensation of $2.6 million after years of legal procedures.

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