Malaysia: Crown Prince Converts to Catholicism, Shocks Muslim World


Kuala Lumpur | The only son and heir of Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, Tengku Amir Shah, has sent a shockwave throughout the Muslim community worldwide as what People’s magazine has deemed “the real-life Romeo and Juliet story of our time”.

The crown prince of the state of Selangor in Malaysia, has relinquished all his possessions and a chance to succeed to the prestigious throne of Selangor to follow his heart and marry Spanish top model and superstar Cristina Gomez, a 16 year old who was propelled to stardom this year when she was noticed on national television in the crowd of a highly anticipated football match.

The Malaysian prince known for his outlandish sex orgies and drug addiction problems, having been through rehab no less than three times in the past 18 months, has promised to change his ways and claims to be a new man.

The prince is known for his party-loving nature

The prince is known for his party-loving nature

In an interview this week with Catholic Digest Weekly, the 21-year-old man admitted that his encounter with the supermodel basically saved his life.

“I was living in a lustful, superficial world, where money and power brought me all the goods of the world: women, cars, and drugs. But Cristina changed all that”.

Cristina Gomez who is of the catholic faith asked prince Tengku to convert to Catholicism, as to make their union legal before God and help him achieve righteousness in his life.

The baptism of the former follower of Islam at Santa Maria Cathedral this week in Braga, Portugal, has brought much criticism on the former heir to the Selangor throne by the world Muslim community at large.

“This is not a spare of the moment thing. If people cannot accept the choices I’ve made and the new person I have become, then that’s too bad for them” declared the ex-prince in the same interview.

“Me and Cristina are happy and that is all that counts” he commented.

The lovers are to be wed this month in San Marco Cathedral in romantic Venice and have not revealed where they are to spend their honeymoon. “That is our little secret” revealed Cristina on a hit Spanish tv talk show this week.

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  1. Religion are man made in God’s eyes there is only one religion that is love n compassion . We are all one .children of one God. We are brothers and sisters.

  2. It is entirel personal. Love is above all things, above all religions.

  3. Kamilia Johan | June 4, 2017 at 4:28 am | Reply

    Who are you to judge. His choice so be it. You have no say whatever to others if he wants to convert to a Christianity. If christian man/woman can convert to Muslim why can’t Muslim convert to Christian. Please don’t be uncivilized freak-co!!

  4. Mathai Babu | May 31, 2017 at 7:06 pm | Reply

    He is matured and has every right to choose what appeals to his conscious. No one has the right to question him.people should look for their own sins instead of trying to find others.In heaven there is no sex for anyone.Good soul swillbe in the presence of God and enjoy bliss.Those who kill innocent for any reason including religion will be in hell and their souls will be in fire.Do not get misguided by anyone. Apply your brain

  5. He was not following Islamic principles of life, so why not change his relegion. Doesnt make any difference.

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