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First Case of Porcine Diarrhea Virus Hits New York!

February 27th, 2014 | by Bob Flanagan
First Case of Porcine Diarrhea Virus Hits New York!

New York |  World Health Organization (WHO) are now warning that the risk of human infection with the virus of porcine epidemic diarrhea is real and medical authorities admit a 37 year old man is currently fighting for his life, suffering from what appears to be the first confirmed case of human transmission.

Darrell Andrews, an unemployed electrician , was suffering from severe stomach pains, a few hours after ingesting some 37 hot dogs whose meat was probably contaminated. He reportedly complained to his family of suffering from intense skin pain and painful diarrhea, before fainting. He was then rushed to the Manhattan Hospital where he remains in critical condition.

” Up to 36 hot dogs, it was fine ! ” Says the man who has seen his life turned upside down in the space of a few moments. “But it is the 37th hot dog that made me really feel sick to my stomach” he admits. “I do not understand what is happening to me , even my wife and children are unable to see me like this : I’ve become a monster! ” He tells us in tears.

WHO acknowledges having misjudged the quantities of pork eaten by North Americans when they admitted on tuesday that the virus was of no risk of transmission to human beings. It seems that a portion of the population may be at risk after all, and the organization invites the public to reduce its consumption of pork.

“All our studies were based on a consumption of less than 5 kilograms of contaminated pork per day ” Admits John Pilgram, public relations officer of WHO. ” Beyond these amounts , we are really marching into the unknown .”


  1. Steve says:

    Hubbadee hubbadee hubbadee… that’s all, folks!

  2. Bonnie says:

    hot dogs don’t contain pork…. lol… they are mostly made of roadkill and dead homeless people….. So this story can’t possibly be true!!

    By the way;

    His eyeball’s are obese
    His hair is clear and doesn’t appear to be there at all
    Has “butt” chin
    Is really old
    Obvious lip implants

    2/10: would not date!

    Oh crap.. this isn’t one of those sites?

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