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First “Assemble Yourself” Car For Sale Soon in China

December 2nd, 2013 | by Barbara Johnson
First “Assemble Yourself” Car For Sale Soon in China

Shanghai| The 9th biggest chinese car producer, the Great Wall Motors Company, has announced the upcoming arrival on the market of the first unassembled motor vehicle,  the Mao Lao, for the very the very modest sum of 5000 ¥ (approximately 700 US dollars).

Both chinese amateurs of puzzles and of fans of great savings throughout Asia are really excited about this announcement. The vehicle is composed of 17500 different pieces plus hundreds of screws and bolts that are delivered in on big box, to be assembled at home.

Many critics already denounce the fact that the company assumes no legal responsability for any problems linked to incorrect assembly work and that these vehicles can turn out to be a real safety hazard if the owner doesn’t do a perfect job putting it together.

“The Mao Lao is already a rather cheap and simplistic vehicle barely fit to take the road when assembled in a factory, but when assembled by non-professionals, I fear that the results will be really terrible” explains Wu Cheng-Lo of the Shanghai Car review.



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