Fidel Castro: “Bernie Sanders Will Bring Socialism to America”


Havana | Former president of Cuba, Fidel Castro, held a four-hour long speech yesterday where he praised Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for his “revolutionary” and “socialist ideas for America” reports the Havana Times.

The former Cuban leader gave an impressive four-hour long speech to a crowd of thousands gathered to hear the words of the retired leader, a rare feat these past months due to his dwindling health at age 89.

“Comrades, I speak before you today because I feel energized by this new America that is being born in front of our eyes,” he told the crowd.

“Socialism is coming to America, and its name is Bernie Sanders, the new face of Socialism,” he said to an exalted crowd.


In a rare public apparition, the 89-year old and former president of Cuba, Fidel Castro, praised Bernie Sanders “the new face of Socialism in America”

Socialism is “coming to America”

The late Cuban leader cheered the new “socialist transformation of America”.

“We have seen how Obama has brought universal health care to America, and now we have this presidential candidate, this Bernie Sanders, who in some way reminds me of my late friend Hugo Chavez in his will to bring Socialism to the American people” he spoke with passion.

“Americans have witnessed the utter failure of Capitalism, the destruction of its middle class and is tired of the endless wars” he argued.

“The Cuban model has proved its superiority and Americans now see through the government propaganda and now praise our country’s centralized economy, our health care system, our education system: Americans are hungry for Socialism” he chanted under a round of applause.

Cuba as an “example for America”

Although Bernie Sanders and Fidel Castro have never met, Bernie Sanders has also praised the Cuban regime at various times in his career.

In a 1985 public access radio interview while he was mayor of Burlington, Vermont, Sanders praised the Cuban leader’s regime, saying “He educated their kids, gave their kids health care and totally transformed society”.

“The heritage of Castro will be felt for generations to come, he is an example for his people, for America and for the world” he admitted.

“One day, in the future, Americans will embrace Socialism, but we are still far from that day” he explained during the radio interview. 

Although Hillary Clinton is leading the Democratic presidential candidate race, some experts believe liberal voters could be charmed by Fidel Castro’s support for Bernie Sanders candidacy which could play to the Vermont Senator’s advantage.

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  1. I doubt if Fidel Castro even knows(knew) who Bernie Sanders is.

  2. My wife is a revolutionary Cubana who lives in the USA. Her family are proud hard-core Cubans both here and on the island. Some of them are very critical of the Cuban system, others are die-hard revolutionaries. As for me, I was in Cuba for the 50th anniversary of Moncada. So you can guess where I stand on this.

    Say what you want about independent, socialist Cuba but it will defend its right to exist. Their Revolution is a beacon of hope for all of Latin America.

  3. All fields have been completely filled out. Evidently someone has been drinking socialism Kool-Aid! Censor much?

  4. embargo is only one thing CUBA BUY AND NO PAY

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