Electoral College Elector Commits Suicide to Avoid Voting for Donald Trump


Detroit, MI | A Michigan elector, in a surge of despair at the election of Donald Trump to the US presidency, has taken his life late last night.

The 47-year-old man, who leaves behind his wife and six children, took his own life to avoid voting for Donald Trump during the Electoral College that will swear the next president-elect this week.

A letter he wrote before taking his own life explains the reasons for his apparent suicide.

I do not want to carry the burden of Trump’s election on my shoulders, so for the greater good of my children and future generations, I am doing what I believe is best for my country and I hope others will follow in my footsteps

– Jeremy Hashville

Jeremy Hashville, a Michigan elector, has taken his own life to avoid voting in favor of Trump despite Trump’s victory as state laws requires him to vote, an act he hopes others will have the courage to follow to “save his country”.

A tragic end

According to the Detroit City Coroner’s report, the last moments of Mr. Hashville would have been “excruciating painful”.

“The deceased would have first attempted to take his life by swallowing 36 laxative tablets that he possibly mistook for antidepressants” describes the 236 pages report.

“Despite intolerable intestinal pain, the man then threw himself in front of a bus after literally throwing himself from the balcony of his apartment on the sixth floor but would have miraculously survived,” commented James Arnold of the Detroit Police.

“The deceased would have finally covered his own body with gasoline before succumbing to his injuries after lighting himself on fire by inserting his head into the family microwave,” he concluded about the tragic death.

Jeremy Hashville was a member of an anti-Trump movement trying to convince 37 major voters of the Grand Old Party to abandon their candidate, forcing the US House of Representatives to choose a new president among the Republicans.

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