Detroit woman gives birth to her 14th child from 14 different fathers


A 36-year old woman from Michigan has made a crashing entrance into the Guinness Book of World Records yesterday at the Harper University Hospital, by giving birth to her 14th child, all born from different fathers.

According to the internationally recognized authority on the cataloguing and verification of world records, Anita Sullivan has just become the first woman in recorded history to conceive children with more than thirteen different men.

“I’m extremely proud to have broken a World Record,” Ms. Sullivan told reporters. “My mother always told me that I was lazy and worthless, and that I would never accomplish anything in my life. Now, I’ve shown everyone that she was wrong, and that I can even be the best in the world when I put my mind to something. In fact, I’ve just accomplished something that no one had done before!”

Anita Sullivan says she’s been unlucky with relationships in the past, but she believes that this time she may have found the man of her life.

“I’m good at having babies, but I’m really awful when it comes to picking the fathers of my children,” says the young woman. “This time, however, I think I’ve learned from my past mistakes. Ramón isn’t like all the jerks I’ve dated before. We’ve been together for almost a year and a half, and I really believe it could work between us.”


Ms Sullivan’s thirteen other children were all present at the hospital to meet their new sibling. They were all extremely proud to hear that their mother had broken a Guinness World Record, and posed happily for the 2017 edition of the book.

After their meeting with Ms. Sullivan, the representatives of Guinness opened a second investigation concerning the record for the number of child support pensions received by one person.

The Detroit native is already the beneficiary of pensions paid by 11 different men, and is implicated in two other custody cases, which should proceed before the family court over the next two months.

The investigation should be over by the month of March 2016, and Guinness will then be able to tell if Ms. Sullivan holds a second World Record or not.

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  1. She’s a hoe, fo sho

  2. Is… My mistake.

  3. How is having 14 children from 14 different father isnt an accomplishment ? Shes a idiot. And so is the father.

  4. I think it is a beautiful thing n congrats on the new baby n God bless all Ur kids u r obviously a great mom n ur kids look so happy and remember all that matters is family…

  5. Impossible, she’ed have to start very young.

  6. I say yep too and why should we have to.

  7. She is getting welfare and child support . She gets food stamps, Medicaid , government housing maybe ? Who knows what other kind of government assistance she is getting . I bet she is costing us taxpayers several thousand a month if not more . In all I bet it could go as high as $10,000 a month if not more ?

  8. did yall not see this poor woman’s past? her mom always put her down, and now look what her mom has created in her…:/

  9. The fathers of the black ones are definitely the ones not paying the child support. What a shame!

    • youre an idiot.

    • You are a racist jackass some African American fathers do actually pay for their Children’s child support its not just African American fathers but also it’s also other fathers as well who have their moments of paying for their child’s care and some who don’t care in general and just don’t pay. So don’t you go going on about how African American fathers are the ones that don’t pay cause in some cases they care for there children and do pay even though they may or may not have much money. So don’t say that about people

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