“Detroit Underwear Thief” finally arrested, 300,000 panties seized


The Detroit Police Department announced this morning that it had finally arrested the infamous underwear thief which has been plaguing the city since 2009.

Early this morning, DPD officers arrested 29-year old Steven Davis in his home and seized over 300,000 pairs of female underwear that he had presumably stolen.

According to police spokesperson Dan Montgomery, Mr. Davis’ residence was literally filled with evidence of his crimes.

“The floor of the basement was covered waist-high with panties. There was more in the closets, the cupboards… even in the freezer!”

Mr. Montgomery says the accused seemed to sort his loot by type of panties, as well as by size.

“One of the rooms was filled with 50-plus size panties, sorted by their shape and hoarded in four different piles.” 

The police also seized thousands of pictures showing the accused wearing some of the lingerie seized on the site.

The police has released some pictures of Mr. Davis' basement, where thousands of female underwear are amassed.

The police has released some pictures of Mr. Davis’ basement, where thousands of female underwear are amassed.

Nicknamed the “Detroit Underwear Thief” by the press, Steven Davis first caught the attention of the police and the media in October 2009, when he stole more than 800 female underwear on the same night on a university campus.

The Detroit police had allocated a lot of resources for many years to track him and had received a lot of critics for their lack of success.

They were finally able to identify him after they received some new pieces of information in March after he stole more than 600 pairs of panties in a night.

Mr. Davis’ lawyers claim that he suffers from mental problems and have demanded a psychiatric evaluation to determine if he is fit to stand trial.

This evaluation should take place over the next few weeks, and unless he is found unfit to prosecuted, his trial should begin in September.

He’s facing a total 0f 765 charges of petty theft and 37 charges of public misdemeanor and could be sentenced to up to 788 years in jail.

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  1. Shame on you for getting caught Mr. Davis, I guess you’ll miss the panty raids

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