Denmark: Daughter Fertilizes Own Eggs With Sperm of Deceased Father


Copenhagen | Danish courts have permitted a woman to fertilize her own eggs with the frozen sperm of her deceased father, a controversial decision which could set a precedent in European Union laws.

Grunta Goebbels, a 34-year-old Danish woman, had proceeded last July to have her ovum fertilized with the frozen sperm of her deceased father, 73-year-old Helmut Goebbels, with whom she had a hidden incestuous relationship dating back to 2006.

As many little girls, my father has and will always be the true love of my life. It is an honor to have the privilege to carry his progeny within my womb

– Grunta Goebbels

Danish courts first objected to the pregnancy and asked the defendant to abort, but a later court appeal ruled in favor of the defendant.

A legal precedent

The couple never informed authorities of their incestuous relationship when applying for In vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment last February, only weeks before her father died from a fatal car accident. Authorities were alerted by preoccupied family members only 12 weeks after the fertilization had already occurred.

Although sex between descendants is prohibited in Denmark and is punishable by up to 6 years’ imprisonment, the court appeal ruled IVF was in fact not a sexual act in itself and allowed the pregnancy to continue, a ruling which could set a precedent-setting law, believe experts.

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  1. She is very weird . Thats disgusting

  2. it is the same thing if she had sex with the father. It is still incestuous

  3. I hope God blesses her as he did my daughters.

    • iWillMakeYouCry | January 14, 2017 at 5:09 pm |

      What? God did bless her already by taking the life of this disgusting pervert who obviously took advantage of his daughter most likely molesting her from before considering the immense stockholm syndrom she is dealing with… I love my dad but he was not, nor will he ever be the ‘love of my life’…nor would i ever do anything as inhumane as what this daughter and father did to each other. You have to be sick in the head to be ok with this situation let alone be apart of it..YUCCCKKKK

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