Chinese Police Rescue 22 Pandas in Crackdown on ‘Panda Sex Ring’


Chengdu | Chinese military police in the Sichuan region of China have proceeded to the liberation of no fewer than 22 Giant Pandas from a criminal network specialized in animal trafficking for sexual purposes.

Chinese officials admit this is the greatest crackdown on an animal brothel in China’s history, with a record-breaking 76 arrests implying over 200 animals, 22 of those being Giant Pandas, a species which is ferociously protected by the Chinese Government.

People in the backcountry still believe old wives’ tales about the sexual powers of Pandas, but it is all myth and a practice highly punished by our Government

– Ju Mihuan, Chinese official

The pandas cruel captivity could have left psychological scars and a team of experts will ensure their proper reintroduction into their natural habitat within the next few weeks assure officials

The belief that having sex with pandas increases libido, fertility and lifespan stems from a traditional Chinese legend in which the hero Xin Ha, who is said to have been abandoned by his family at birth and was raised by pandas, lived up to 922 years and had over seven hundred children.

A harsh decline in female births in the past decades, effects of China’s one-child policy, could also explain the high demand in animal brothels across the country believe experts.

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  1. Panda play,
    It’s been a taboo subject for waaayyy too long !
    The Chinese love kinky sex, I was told that by a Korean, I hope no one sees that as being racist.

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