Boy Raised by Apes Discovered in Malaysia


Borneo| Malaysian authorities have announced this morning that they had finally been able to capture the “feral child of Borneo” that had been reported by hundreds of different villagers of the region over the last two last two years and had become the focus of the local media recently. The young boy had been reported to accompany a group of Bornean ourangutans that seemed to have adopted him as one of there own.

“We are trying to establish the actual age and identity of the boy” explains Osman Mahmat Rahman, public relations officer for the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP). “The boy is extremely nervous and aggressive when approached by humans and that made his capture quite complicated, especially since the other ourangutans attempted vigorously to defend him. We had to “tranquilize” three of the adult apes using darts filled with sedatives, before we could lay our hands on the child. We really went to great lengths to make sure we did not injure him during the operation. The boy was immediately taken to the hospital and was put under the custody of agents from the Social Welfare Department.”

A preliminary evaluation realized by doctors at the Borneo Medical Center, allowed to determine that the boy was in suprisingly good health considering the circumstances, having grown rather normally and showing no signs of malnutrition.  The observations also show that he had probably been living with the group of primates for at least two or three years, as he seems to have forgotten all previous forms of human socialisation.

“For now, the identity of the boy and the circumstances under which he found himself with this group of primates remain a mystery” states Aisyah Megat, a social worker who had the occasion of observing the child for a few hours. “We cannot say yet, whether he was victim of an accident or of negligence, all we know is that he is between four and seven years old, and look in good shape. What we really care about for now is to make sure that he is healthy and that he is able to gradually return to a “normal” human life. He is obviously very stressed at the moment, so we’re trying to confort him and make him feel more secure.”

Other alleged cases of feral children raised by primates have been documented in recent years. One of the most mediatized was Belo, the Nigerian Chimp Boy in 1996, who was about two years of age and had allegedly been raised by chimpanzees for a year and a half. Another case worthy of comparison is that of John Ssebunya in Uganda, who was found in 1991 after being raised by monkeys for several years in the jungle.


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  1. the orang utan and its family..

  2. Phillip Gemme | April 18, 2014 at 7:38 pm | Reply

    Is his name TARZAN by any chance lol sorry I know it was not a very intellectual response but I had to say it

  3. I have a Siberian husky I saved as a pup at the age of 5 he started having seizures that required one pill a day to take. He is now 11 and hasn’t had a seizure since the medication, a lot of people told me at the age of 5, he should be put down-like I stated he lived very happily seizure free after the vet consultation and research done. The same dog came to my rescue a week ago and saved me. Animals are being used to show love in nursing homes, prisons, and other harsh settings- its unconditional love they show- people are learning from that, I wish it would happen a lot sooner!

  4. they oughta leave him alone, he was just fine and as he grew older and noticed humans, maybe his curiosity would have led him to investigate being one, in his own time and way. let him make his own mind up, he was just fine with his monkey family and they all miss him now and are sad, as is he.

    • I totally agree. That was his family. I think its INHUMANE what they did to him….

    • I also agree. Give him back to his family. Having to tranquilize 3 that were trying to protect him…obviously more than his human biological family sad to rip him away from the only family and life he has known. Almost worse than the way CPS does with families now. Take their children put them in foster homes under the pretense of “childs best interests”. No human family is ever going to give him what was taken away. Truly heartbreaking and no good thing will come of this horrible, pain inflicting, inhumane act. My sympathy to the boy and his Orangutang family.

  5. Love the new ape hair style on the boy…

    • So sad- I hope they treat the apes with the respect and care they deserve and let them still be a part of his life instead of taking him away into such a harsh new environment.

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