Boy Raised by Apes Discovered in Malaysia


Borneo| Malaysian authorities have announced this morning that they had finally been able to capture the “feral child of Borneo” that had been reported by hundreds of different villagers of the region over the last two last two years and had become the focus of the local media recently. The young boy had been reported to accompany a group of Bornean ourangutans that seemed to have adopted him as one of there own.

“We are trying to establish the actual age and identity of the boy” explains Osman Mahmat Rahman, public relations officer for the Royal Malaysia Police (RMP). “The boy is extremely nervous and aggressive when approached by humans and that made his capture quite complicated, especially since the other ourangutans attempted vigorously to defend him. We had to “tranquilize” three of the adult apes using darts filled with sedatives, before we could lay our hands on the child. We really went to great lengths to make sure we did not injure him during the operation. The boy was immediately taken to the hospital and was put under the custody of agents from the Social Welfare Department.”

A preliminary evaluation realized by doctors at the Borneo Medical Center, allowed to determine that the boy was in suprisingly good health considering the circumstances, having grown rather normally and showing no signs of malnutrition.  The observations also show that he had probably been living with the group of primates for at least two or three years, as he seems to have forgotten all previous forms of human socialisation.

“For now, the identity of the boy and the circumstances under which he found himself with this group of primates remain a mystery” states Aisyah Megat, a social worker who had the occasion of observing the child for a few hours. “We cannot say yet, whether he was victim of an accident or of negligence, all we know is that he is between four and seven years old, and look in good shape. What we really care about for now is to make sure that he is healthy and that he is able to gradually return to a “normal” human life. He is obviously very stressed at the moment, so we’re trying to confort him and make him feel more secure.”

Other alleged cases of feral children raised by primates have been documented in recent years. One of the most mediatized was Belo, the Nigerian Chimp Boy in 1996, who was about two years of age and had allegedly been raised by chimpanzees for a year and a half. Another case worthy of comparison is that of John Ssebunya in Uganda, who was found in 1991 after being raised by monkeys for several years in the jungle.


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  1. Frans van der Velden | April 1, 2014 at 4:37 pm | Reply

    ofcourse the boy is healthy, we are the ones not healthy anymore

  2. Poor boy 🙁 They have done more damage than they think they did 🙁 They should left him there. But as a ‘wild’ (aka in tune with nature) human, he is a threat to the current slavery system (aka money, banks, etc).

    • really? dont be selfish they are giving him a much better life.

    • @ Clay-He’s a ward of the government and will most likely be passed around from home to home (if anyone takes him in) because he will not be adjusting well for quite some time, if at all. He was happy, healthy, loved and cared for. So please tell me how he is better off, now???

    • Humans always think they know better. The idea of this boy being taken to hospital I find very sad. The peacefull life of this boy, orangutans are very peacefull, is frightning disturbed ..

    • Yeah they need to get him tagged with a social and on the taxpayer list !! Don’t want to lose that 45% of another human income!

    • Humans are highly overrated. Especially by humans.

    • If you think humans are horrible, would you please kill yourselves to remove your idiocy from the gene pool? You’d be doing us both a favor.

      There is no future for a human boy raised by animals. At some point he is going to have needs they cannot satisfy. And do any of you really think he’s happier learning to pick and eat grubs out of the fur of his “family members”? Give me a break.

    • @petra Orangutans are NOT peaceful, zen-like creatures. They have an incredibly hostile, violent and complex social structure and when he reaches maturity he WILL be targeted by other males and likely killed. It’s sad and it’s tough, but he obviously needs to be with members of his own species…

  3. Man uses ape and destroys habitat. Ape saves man and considers him one of their own. Man thanks ape with sedation and abduction

  4. sucks that they took him away from his orangatananang family

    • Hahaha thats exactly what I’m thinking.

    • exactly! they took good care for him. he was healthy and probably happy. he had his family and they took him and want to put him to “normal” human life? what he will go for an adoption, he will have to learn the things we call “normal” that’s terrible faith for him. he will probably suffer a lot and never be “normal”

    • You think?! Are you talking short term or long term? Are you actually serious. So what does a 20 year old human with human intelligence do with a troop of ourangutans. Humans are created for a much greater purpose!!!

    • Just think, with proper training, a few years from now he will be able to write disparaging comments in the comment section.

    • So true! They should have left him there to be happy with the monkeys! He could have grown up, found a nice female monkey he wants to rape, killed the alpha to prove his dominance, and raised a nice family of half-ape, half-human babies! Great plan!

    • sara vonstar | March 25, 2016 at 12:42 pm |

      In my opinion it is kinder to leave the children with the animals instead of forcing them to live a “human” life.

  5. David Cooper | March 29, 2014 at 8:42 pm | Reply

    Is this a hoax, perhaps attempting to divert attention away from another news story? Has his hair been cut, very carefully keeping it looking suitably wild?

    • you're an idiot | April 1, 2014 at 12:19 pm |

      Uhm maybe because 6 year olds cant grow Led Zeppelin hair you moron

    • who’s the moron i wonder…
      obviously not the person recognizing a haircut

    • I doubt that’s the actual child. They just need the photo of a local to enhance the news story. Seriously…

    • bloody comp now its replied a ton of times

    • I rly don’t think it is a hoax. I watched the documentary about John, the feral child from Uganda. The people making the video actually tracked him down years later. It was interesting to say the least

    • i live in borneo malaysia, and i never heard of this news. plus, all local here have black hair. never saw anyone born with blonde hair before except for an albino and im pretty sure that boy is not albino. lol. perhaps some tourist son got lost while visiting our place. haha

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