Belgium Parliament to Lower Age of Consent to 13


Brussels | The Belgian Federal Parliament will vote this week on a motion which could lower the legal age of sexual consent from 16 to 13 years of age.

Laurent Cassius, a member of the opposition, proposed the motion which “could free thousands of unjustly convicted prisoners” if the assembly decides to pass it.

“Our prisons are filled with young men that have been robbed of their youth, condemned to rot in jail for an act that should not be a crime. Why are we denying these young men the chance to play a more positive role in modern society?”, he asked before the assembly Tuesday.

Some even argue that a law on the age of consent has become superfluous and should no longer exist

– Laurent Cassus

Outdated laws

Laws on pedophilia are outdated claims top German attorney, Hans Goldberg.

“There will be the need for a consolidation of national laws under the current European system on the legal aspects of sex. Most of these national rulings don’t represent the modern social complexities of our times and are legally baseless. Some even argue that a law on the age of consent has become superfluous and should no longer exist” claims the lawyer who has worked for more than 35 years in his field of work.

“Just think about how 2,000 years ago the Greeks were a much more open society. We must remember that love between a man and a boy were not as taboo as today” explains cultural anthropologist, Thomas Black, from the University of Michigan.

Adults who have sex with underage children now face from two to six years in prison and up to 12 years according to current Belgian law if they have performed oral or penetrative sex. 

The age of consent varies by jurisdiction across Europe and are currently set between 13 and 18.

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  1. voice of reason | May 20, 2014 at 3:57 am | Reply

    Age of consent should be based on three Things:
    !) has the child reached puberty
    2) has the child expressed a desire to have sex
    3) do the parents feel the child is ready for sex
    If any two out of three are answered yes…
    Then let them have sex…
    which supports SITUATIONAL choice rather than the letter of the law
    Obviously sex ed including (std,contraception & ‘how to’)
    should be part of this scenario so that it is a safe & fun encounter

    • Why should the parents override the child’s free will? I have no interest in children which is why children need to be protected from parents who infantilise them for dark and murky ‘protective’ motives. Every woman in the world is emotionally reduced and needy; I have no prospects.

      This is why. If the parents haven’t been able to bond with the child over a decade and a half of opportunity to do so, why would you imagine the child should be forced to submit to violent submission? If mothers knew best, they would know how to communicate with their daughters. If they were acting in the interests of their daughters, there would be no breach of trust leading to a dispute.

      Protect children from their abusive mothers. Children have a right to think for themselves rather than be enslaved by creepy, dependent women enslaving men, children and traumatising young women with shame.

    • Jonny,

      Granted you are correct when it comes to parents overriding the child’s free will, you really should project your own experiences on others. Especially being so absolute when it comes to classifying ALL women, in the same class.

      I’m sure you have not met ALL women, although your personal experience with women has drastically shaped your view on women as a whole. There are a multitude of women who are beyond independent, and not all choose to infantilise their children.

      When you say “if mothers knew best, they would know how to communicate with their daughters.” Not all mother’s know best. Granted a lot of them claim to. Most raise their children with the knowledge from their own childhood upbringing. Which, may or may not be healthy. In the case that their upbringing isn’t healthy, perhaps, they were unaware, or are still unaware that in fact they were raised in an unhealthy way. If this is true, and they have not been able to reach a level of awareness to understand, then they will not be able to view what they have done, as wrong.

    • You really should not***

  2. And society wonders why there are so many mentally ill adults in the world. This whole article wreaks of being a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah mentality. When a child is physically abused by an adult, their mind and their soul is robbed from them and the dark violent side of their being takes over and becomes an abuser and criminal who is mentally ill. So if humanity keeps going like this, even considering these types of laws, it will eventually expel itself from the planet as mother nature will just take over completely and see no one worth saving!

    • Go put on some more clothes to cover YOUR putrid shame. Leave men and children alone. If you leeches weren’t destroying the world with your refusal to take care of yourselves like a grownup, children wouldn’t be abused with violence, shame and lies. There would be no misery were it not for dependent women who don’t want to work.

      Mothers are the child abusers. Go put on some more cosmetics. I don’t even need to be offended by your appearance to be offended by your illegitimate existence.

    • Jonny,

      It seems as though you have had distorted experiences with certain females in your childhood. Sorry you were met with abuse yourself.

  3. Total a ridiculous idea and disgusting. Age of consent should be based on what age do you think a boy or a girl could look after a baby. Cause we all know sex leads to babies at some point. Majority of people would say 16 at the youngest.

    • Everyone does realize it is dangerous for a girl of 13 to have a child even though she is having periods. Let children be children they grow up to fast as it is.

  4. Lynn Jenkinson | May 19, 2014 at 11:09 pm | Reply

    This is unconscionable!!! To say that, “oh, it’s ok. Look what the Greeks were doing a loooooonnnnnng time ago.” Children have enough difficulty having an innocent, stress-free childhood without thousands of pedophiles…YES, I SAID PEDOPHILES…taking their childhood from them. This is one of the most horrific articles I have seen, E.V.E.R. Those who support this law need to be castrated, pure and simple.

    • The ancient Greeks also had slavery, public executions and states of constant war that claimed millions of their citizens’ lives. You can justify literally anything by saying “Oh, it happened in the past, that means it’s okay.”

  5. Sfantul Gheorghe | May 19, 2014 at 10:57 pm | Reply

    Crazy world, crazy, crazy!

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