Amnesiac Police Officer Believes He is a Pig After Tragic Accident

pig cop

Storm Lake, IA | Officer James Lewis was shot 7 times and believed dead when in August 2016 he fell from the second-story floor of a building during an encounter with three armed men during a burglary.

The 27-year-old man that has survived despite all doctors’ predictions and been out of a coma for several months, is still suffering from amnesia and strangely enough, believes he is one of the pigs of his parents’ family farm.

“The doctor says it’s a miracle he is alive. He is so healthy and strong, it’s just that he spends all his time playing around in the pig’s den, rolling in the mud,” explains his mother, who has taken care of him since he came out of a coma last October.

It’s a bit disturbing watching my own son sniffing the butts of other pigs, playing in his own shit and grunting like he’s one of them, but he’s our only son and we will always love him for who he is

– Henry Jr. Lewis, father

farmer dad

Although James Lewis’s dad is heartbroken after what has happened to his son, and even though his own son believes he is a pig, he still believes his son will regain his memory one day

A temporary state of delusion

Psychiatrist Harold W. Hunt believes the young man could be in a temporary state of delusion and that he could soon recover his memory.

“Mr. Lewis has been exposed to extreme trauma and it is possible he is somewhat conscious of his own state, but under great stress and fear after what he has survived through, he might be suppressing his own memory until he feels ready to take back his place in society,” he explains.

“He might find great comfort in playing and living amongst the pigs, as he possibly has fond memories of the family farm in his youth, and feels comfortable amongst these animals as if they were in fact his own family, as if he belonged with them. That way he does not have to face the stress and worries of everyday life,” he adds.

A miraculous recovery

Fellow officers of the Fort Dodge police department are simply amazed at the speed of his recovery and have been extremely supportive of their coworker.

“I know it might seem strange, but it feels so good to see him so full of life and energy, even though he is all covered in mud most of the time, and amongst a bunch of pigs” concedes one of his former partners, Adam Brown.

“He always loved donuts, so I bring him his favorite maple syrup coated donuts with sprinkles every Tuesday when I’m off the job. Just seeing the glimmer in his eyes is really heartwarming and I hope he gets well soon” adds the police officer, a tear in his eyes.

Although James Lewis’s situation might appear grim at first, his doctor expects he could recover his memory anytime soon in the months to come.

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