Aliens meddled with U.S. election claims controversial expert


The famous publisher, producer and TV show host, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, says he has some “irrefutable evidence” that an extraterrestrial civilization influenced the American presidential election in order to help Trump win the White House.

Mr Tsoukalos was invited on the show L.A. Tonight to discuss various topics, when he made an astonishing declaration concerning the federal election.

He said that he’d found some evidence that aliens had used an elaborate “mind-control device” to make Americans vote for Donald Trump.

“We know this isn’t the first time that aliens meddle with elections in the United States,” claimed Mr Tsoukalos. “They’ve helped Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan in their election campaigns, and they just did the same thing with Donald Trump.”

According to him, an unidentified extraterrestrial civilization brainwashed and manipulated the American people by emitting some sort of low-frequency sound wave that enables them to “program the minds of humans”.

“The aliens are so advanced technologically that they have the means to manipulate us at will,” he said. “They simply implant ideas in our minds, and most people don’t even realize that these ideas aren’t theirs. “

The controversial host of the TV show Ancient Aliens, explained that aliens had a very complex agenda and they probably have some “very good reasons to want Donald Trump to be elected”.

He claims he has evidence to prove his claims and will reveal them to the public in a week or two.


L.A. Tonight host, Latifa Johnson, seemed very amused by Mr Tsoukalos’ theories, giggling and laughing throughout most of the interview.

Mr Tsoukalos is well-known for defending the controversial Ancient Astronaut theory, which claims that extraterrestrial life forms have interacted with humans at many different moments in history and shaped many the greatest known civilizations.

This is the first time, however, that he makes allegations of alien implication in such a recent event and his claims instantly generated a lot of reactions on the social media.

Many people are trying to guess what his “irrefutable evidence” could be and elaborating a lot of strange theories, while others are openly questioning Mr Tsoukalos’ mental health or insulting him.

3 Comments on "Aliens meddled with U.S. election claims controversial expert"

  1. It is now mid-Oct 2017 – are you laughing at him now? This explains so damned much, including, well, everything in the last year or so.

  2. The E.L.F.s are probably A.I. by now. T.I.M.E. is to blame. The butterfly effects scatter the low drag of gravity or some auspicious grounding that only can be of Temporal meter. Sky Books Time Travel Seminars are ahead again! All TIME Travel experiments are interconnected.

  3. This sounds hilarious, why would they ‘control’ minds of millions of Americans. If they actually have such powers they can directly ‘control’ whoever wins and execute whatever they want through him/her.

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